Bankok Escort GirlsWhen it comes to Bangkok escort girls, selecting a service that fits your needs can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start with Bangkok escort girls because there are a lot of options. Maybe you have never experienced what the myriad of Bangkok escort girls has to offer, maybe you kind of have an idea of what kind of Bangkok escort girl you prefer, or perhaps you’re a veteran on the scene looking to spice things up with some new recommendations. Regardless of which boat you’re on, here on, we’ve got you covered – every little known nook and cranny. First off, I’m going to break down the basics of what you can expect from an experience with a Bangkok escort girl, and if you look elsewhere on this site, I’m also going to fill you in on an array of topics surrounding the Bangkok escort girls’ scene, such as Russian escorts in Bangkok, ladyboy escorts in Bangkok, independent escorts in Bangkok, BDSM escorts in Bangkok, and even give you the details on the best escort service in Bangkok! I’m also going to cover some go to services for Bangkok escort girls like Bangkok Gold escort, My Princess Bangkok, and Bangkok Elite escorts.

Bangkok Escort Girls In A Nutshell

Here at, we don’t expect you to know everything about Bangkok escort girls, and some of you may not even know what an escort service or escort agency is exactly. Escort services are pay for play/leisure companies that offer girls as escorts for customers, and most of the time the service offered is for sexual services, but hence the name “escort”, it doesn’t necessarily have to include sexual services and can merely involve you spending an evening with a girl on your arm, something like a hostess to take care of you for an evening and keep you company. However, it’s expected that most men reading this are looking for sexual services when it comes to Bangkok escort girls, so this site will be focused on the sexual side of things, or “pay for play” rather than “play for leisure” as I like to call it.

A typical agency will set up a meeting between one of their escorts and the customer at the customer’s hotel, apartment, or house, which is known as outcall, or alternatively at the escort’s residence, which could be an apartment, house, or private room owned by the escort service, and this is known as incall. You have to decide for yourself which you prefer, and there are pros and cons to each. With outcall service, you have the convenience of staying at your place but you’re sacrificing your privacy and ruling out other potential girls staying with you. If you’re staying or living with someone else, outcall is obviously going to be a no go for you, and in that case incall would be the better option. It can be more nerve-racking to do incall, but it’s a much better option for those who want to stay under the radar and keep their home base free from outsiders.

Some escort services, including Bangkok escort services, will allow you to stay with the escort for a longer period of time, perhaps for a weekend getaway, a holiday, or even a business trip. You have to pay the escort company a fine for releasing the girl to you, just as you would pay to bar fine a girl at a lady bar or gogo bar in Bangkok, but thereafter it is up to you to negotiate the terms with the Bangkok escort girl with regards to the price you are willing to pay and arranging specifically and exactly what type of service you expect for the girl, even if it is something the service does not state that it provides directly, once you speak to the girl privately you can create your own agreements. Many of these escort services say that the girls are “pay for leisure” only, that is, for social/conversational means rather than sexual or “pay for play”. This is obviously just a cloak to protect the agency from the authorities and it’s is very well known what is really taking place here. It’s important that you understand this and don’t get things twisted.

Many agencies have websites with photos of their Bangkok escort girls for you to choose from. Some will even have reviews of the girls from other customers. There may be a description of the girl and what kind of service she offers, but remember that you can negotiate the specifics with the girl and that what actually goes on isn’t stated out in the open. You can speak to the agency and explain exactly what your needs are and they will help you choose a Bangkok escort girl to suit your needs. They will get your contact info, and then they will refer it to the Bangkok escort girl and she will contact you. Remember, the escort service arranges the meeting between you and the Bangkok escort girl, so it’s not usually possible to try to get around this and book her under the table. I’m not saying you can’t do this, but it’s just unlikely because that isn’t how the business works. The escort will remain in contact with the company throughout the appointment to ensure the safety of the girl, and upholding of the service which is to be provided to the client.

As you would expect, more attractive Bangkok escort girls are going to be more expensive, but what is considered more attractive is the opinion of the majority and what the company thinks sells, so your personal preferences may or may not be aligned with this motive. Not only do you have to pay the Bangkok escort service, but you also have to pay the girl. The girl has to pay the escort service a fee for connecting with a client as well, so you are going to be hard-pressed to get a girl to go with you for free under these circumstances. If you’re a regular customer you can negotiate lower fees, and it also depends on the season, high or low. Incall services are cheaper most of the time because the transaction is a lot easier for the company and there is less effort involved on their part as far as arranging the meeting between you and the girl and monitoring the time you spend with her. But as expected, incall services are mostly pay for play exclusively for obvious reasons. It doesn’t really make much sense otherwise.

Now that you have an idea of what this site is about and the basics of Bangkok escort girls, have a look around to help you make your selection and choose which type of Bangkok escort service and Bangkok escort girl suits you best. Happy hunting!